The Friends of Allandale was formed in 1989 to support the continuing improvements at Allandale Mansion by a group of people with a focus on developing the beauty of Allandale and creating a distinctive location in the Kingsport area for special events.

Since then, this family of Friends has grown to include over 250 members who have supported approximately $550,000 of improvements to the interior, the exterior, and the grounds of Allandale Mansion. They share their interests in different facets of interior decorating, including draperies, carpets, paint, paintings, and furnishings, to create a beautiful location for many events. Other people contribute their talents to exterior improvements and adding lighting, flowers, walkways and gardens to support the stately image of the estate.

Key Accomplishments

Dog Show171Each year, the Friends of Allandale complete many decorating and grounds projects Some of the more dramatic projects have included:

  • Lighting for the circular drive
  • Disclavier piano
  • Rose garden
  • Ampitheater
  • Art
  • Gazebo
  • Wildflower garden
  •  Picnic tables
  • The Heron Dome
  • Picnic Pavilion Restrooms

Through your financial support with the Friends of Allandale, you will participate in the increasing beauty of a Northeast Tennessee landmark Whether your interests lean toward interior design or landscaping or in providing a reminder of the grandeur of the past, you will have the opportunity to pool your talents in a very visible part of our area. Therefore, please join us by contacting us at 423-229-9422.